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I felt an angel walk beside me.........

(the media has been calling me all week..to follow up and ask how i felt about the other boy who lost his life ect...I sent the family flowers I understand their pain. In the long run they did a respectful job which i ma pleased about.. adn it wil be part of a future campain to get the danger word out somehow so more kids wake uo and prevent fatal mistakes.)

Yesterday i burried my son Alexander. It was very large ceremony with over 800 people. It was packed. The sports hall was bursting and the memorial was so beautiful. Have you ever been hugged by 800 people with sorrow, compassion and love before? It was overwhelming but healing. So many people were touched by this tragedy. All of the arms around me gave me an asthma attack but it passed.

My friends...Randall and Annsofie just healed everyone with there contributions of live music and love and kept me focused on them..as well as... Alex's eyes in his picture.. I felt our spirits mix and an angel sit down beside me to give me total peace.

The preist was wonderful....and just everything was perfect.



I dont know where my heart is right now. i believe my soul is protecting it from totall utter devistating grief because i havnt gone there yet. It will be done in silence. I dont have silence around me now and havnt the past 18 days. It has been a constatn stream of guests..overnight visitors..telephone calls. emails..flowers...ect.

...and thankyou Murat..I hope you heard the doves cry...telling you my heart was broken...somehow somewhere I need you.

...listen to your heart.



I am thinking about this stone although writing out his whole name in handwriting Alexander Micheal Olsson 890312 051030  his dates... and then a piciture if him beneath.

November 17th Are you ready for something New?

Do you feel like you are a part of something new?Do you feel like you are in a melting pot together in perfect harmony or do you feel uncomfortable and feel badly by it?

If this is so then its much better if you evaluate your situation and find a new road. Only those souls who are in harmony with in themselves and love an adventure and willing to leave everything old behind without regret are ready to move on and renew.

They can freely move into it. If you are still holding tightly to old weather worned and conventional patterns and ideas afraid to change old forms then you are not ready for the renewal.

It demands bravery, strength, courage, determination and inner convinction that you are doing it the right way.

When your faith lies within me and hope rests in me and you KNOW I am the one leading and guiding you then you will find the deepast love and joy and happiness will come again to do everything that is needed done.

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